Oakwood Kennels and Cattery - a 2nd home for your pets.

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Welcome to Oakwood Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Scott and Lynn welcome you to Oakwood Boarding Kennels and Cattery. We are fully licensed to Accommodate 60 dogs & 45 cats.(License number 201600797) We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality care & services available to pet owners, where the emphasis is on, pamper, play and TLC. As animal owners ourselves we understand that your cat or dog is your best friend. We are here to offer your pet comfortable and secure accommodation and to ensure a worry free holiday for the discerning pet lover. In our care your pet will enjoy all the benefits of living in a loving home environment.
We aim to ensure every dog  and cat boarding with us is made to feel very welcome, happy and stress-free no matter how long or short their stay might be. Your pets are our guests and we make them feel welcome and at home in our five paw rated kennels and cattery.

Oakwood Kennels and Cattery is located in beautiful peaceful grounds,set in a 2 acre plot in the small village of Toll Bar situated just outside of Doncaster . We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our bookings, facilities or viewings so please contact us.
You can rest assured we will pamper and do our best to make your pet forget you are away, looking after your pets every need, We will give them a holiday while you have yours.

We are dedicated professionals with a great love for all animals..

*** Sorry we are closed from Saturday 6th January 2024 and re open Monday 29th January 2024 ,We are also closed Monday 1st July 2024 & re open Thursday 11th July 2024.***

Vaccinations are essential !!
All animals boarding in our kennels and cattery must be up to date with their annual booster. All dogs must also be up to date with their Kennel Cough vaccine. Kennel Cough Vaccine is not usually done with your routine vaccinations  so vets will not automatically give this vaccination to your dog unless you request it specifically. All routine vaccinations including Kennel Cough is a required vaccination to stay with us and they must be given by your vet at least 14 days prior to your dogs stay with us. There are no exceptions !!!
We require veterinary proof of vaccinations so please do not forget to bring your veterinary vaccination card with you to avoid refusal.

Dogs and cats are usually fed twice a day, very young & elderly guest may have different needs which we can continue with their routine. (just let us know) Some dogs have food intolerances , ALL pets own diets must be brought in for their stay ,  this is to minimise any tummy upsets to all our guest including any sensitive animals.
Also If your pet needs to be Administered with medications we can also do that for a small fee. Please provide adequate supply in the original packaging for his / her stay with us.

Trial stays.
Trial stays can be very beneficial for dogs and cats that are nervous, new to boarding or have been rescued, we suggest a 2 night / 3 day period so your pet can get use to our routine and we can get to know their personality,we find this is very beneficial to your pet/s.

Doggie Daycare
We are now offering daycare services.
Let your babies have fun & socialise while your at work or just let them have play days! It's a great way to keeping them socialised & being introduced to so many dogs,By having quiet time in between playtimes in our kennels it also gets them used to coming for a holiday while you enjoy your holiday.

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