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Q. Does my dog need kennel cough?
A. Yes, your dogs kennel cough must be given at least 14 days before their stay. It is not a routine vaccine so we advise that you check with your vet prior to boarding to make sure it has had it done. If your dog/s has NOT had the Kennel cough Vaccine at least 14 days before their stay then sorry but we will be unable to accept them.

Q. Do i need to bring my pet/s vaccination record?

All dogs MUST be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months.
All dogs MUST also be upto date with the Kennel Cough Vaccine.

All Cats MUST be fully inoculated against Feline leukaemia, Feline infectious enteritis, Feline viral rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus) and Feline calicivirus, and must have had a booster injection with the previous twelve months.
All Male cats need to be Neutered to come into the cattery.

All boarders MUST bring their valid up-to-date vaccination record with them when they arrive. Should you be unable to prove that your pet is fully vaccinated as required, We reserve the right to refuse your pet/s

Q. Does my pet need to be Flea & Wormed?

A. Yes your pet/s need to be upto date with suitable Flea & Worming treatments before coming into the Kennels & Cattery.
(vet prescription medication recommended )
PLEASE CHECK YOUR PETS !! ( ** All pets are checked & we can refuse boarding if your pet has flea's / worms** )

Q. Do we need to bring our own bowls?
A. We supply bowls for your pet/s, We can also supply slow feeder bowls for the fast eaters.
Q. Is food included in the price?
A. No All owners will need to bring enough of  their pets own food for the whole length of their stay We will not be providing any food. We also have sufficient freezer / fridge space for storage.  

Q. How many times do you feed?

A. We can feed your pet/s as often as you do at home, we like their routine to be the same as if they were at home.

Q Do i need to bring treats for my pet/s?

A. We do provide treats for your pet/s but if your pet/s have favourite treat/s you can bring them with you also.

Q. Can you give my pet/s their medication?

A. If your pet/s needs medication we can administer their medications so treatment can  be continued whilst in our care for a very small fee if required no problem. Make sure your pet/s have adequate supplies in the original packaging on arrival.

Q. Shall we bring bedding or do you supply it ?
A . We do supply a raised off the floor bed with Thermal non slip vet bedding / cool mats in all our kennels & cattery pens for the comfort of your pet/s. You can bring a blanket or a toy or item of clothing with you, as We feel they settle so much better with the smells from home.
Q Do you exercise on or off lead?
A We have twelve large exercise areas which dogs are exercised in 3 times aday. However if your dog for medical reasons must be walked on lead we will take them a walk around the arena's instead.
Q. Do you charge per day or per night?
A We charge per day not per night.

Q. Do i have to pay a deposit to book my pet/s in?

A. We do not take provisional bookings & we will only confirm a booking on receipt of your deposits which is Non Refundable & Non Transferable.

Q. Can you send pictures & videos of our pet/s

A. We have a page on a social media site that we can uploads photographs/videos of our guests on authorisation of our clients.

Q. Do you offer Doggie Daycare?

A. Yes we offer doggie daycare Monday - Friday.

Q. When do i need to pay the balance?

A. All fees are payable on arrival at the kennels & cattery.

Q How can I pay?

A. We do not take provisional bookings & we will only confirm a booking on receipt of your deposits which is Non Refundable or Non Transferable.
You can either pay by cash & Bank Transfer.
We do not accept payment by cheque.
If you have any other questions please give us a call 01302 874442. Scott & Lynn.
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